Completed Projects


D9804 Multiple Transport                   Deterministic stream re-multiplexing with timing correction, error handling and recover


D9036 Modular Encoding System     Custom PCIe backplane for data and control paths

                                                           512 channel MPEGoIP streaming engine

                                                           HD and SD video correction and recovery

                                                           VBI data demodulation, Fec encoding, transcoding


D9054 HDTV Advanced                    Front end video processing and capture

Compression Encoder                      IP streaming of H.264 encoded video


D9858 Advanced Receiver               ASI stream manipulation and synchronization, video interfacing and multi processor  

Transcoder                                       communication  


D9050 HD Encoder                          Video pre analysis for video bitrate prediction and control


MD Robotics

ISS Video Modem                             FPGA design of NTSC video modulator / demodulator used on the International Space

                                                          Station video systems


Robotic Arm Control                         Interfacing robotics arm to a processor through a PCI bus used for an in orbit autonomous

                                                          satellite servicing


XSS11 Satellite LIDAR                     Implemented controls for a satellite based LIDAR system, interfacing to PCI bus and supporting

System                                             software development

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